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假如你是李华,刚刚收到两年前参观过你市的英国笔友Mike的来信询问近来公共交通状况,请你简要介绍武汉市政府采取的四条措施,并且从中选取一条或两条,结合自己的经历,写一篇短文,告诉Mike 你的感受和想法.1.降低公汽票价2.推行

Peace, No Development In the modern world, peace and development have become two major themes. But some areas in the world are still involved in wars. Take the ongoing lraqi War for example. The war is hurting people's welfare. So people all

Dear Mr. Clark: I am Li Hua. Thank you for your assistance in learning, so I return to school. Every day I have been very happy, no longer upset about the tuition thing. Although I just started to learn a bit behind, but the efforts of teachers and students

Hello, Lihua ! I have heard about your trouble with computers. You are so addicted to it that it has affected your study . I think you should take immediate and effective measures to get rid of it so now I would like to give you some suggestions. First ,you

Dear Sir/ Madame,I want to be an exchange student of your school, i would like to apply to join the program. My name is Li Hua and i am now in Grade Nine, Class Two. Firstly, my listening and speaking skills are good. In my class, our English

I'm Li hua, and study in one School of UK. Now i met some troubles and would like to ask the teacher of learning center for help.

“ My name is LiHua and I was born in February 1995,ChengDu ,SiChuan province.I 译文:我叫李华,出生于1995年2月,四川成都.从2001年到2007年我在光明小学就读

Dear Tom, I'd read the letter from you in which you asked me the security of our school. The security is attached importance in our school, there're some mesures to keep students from been harmed.Such as, we are educated by many awareness of

Dear Paul, I have got your letter, and thank you very much for inviting me to your school's cultural exchange and the introduction of Chinese Traditional Paintings next week's. I am sure it would be a wonderful experience for me, there must be plenty to

Lihua,It is sad for me to learn that you got adicted to internet and lost interests in your study. You have to git rid of it as soon as you can before it is too late. There are many ways to get rid of such a problem. The best option is to make friends and spend more time with friends together.

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