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Double Seventh FestivalThe Double Seventh Festival, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance. It often goes into August in the Gregorian calendar.This festival is in mid-summer when the weather is warm and the

情人节的惊喜the surprise on valentine's day valentine's day is coming soon, it is on february14. the day is a big day for the couple, they need to spend the special day with romance, the boys are always buying gifts to their girls, the most common

穿针乞巧 这是最早的乞巧方式,始于汉,流于后世.《西京杂记》说:“汉彩女常以七月七日穿七孔针于开襟楼,人具习之.”南朝梁宗谋《荆楚岁时记》说:“七月七日,是夕人家妇女结彩楼穿七孔外,或以金银愉石为针.”《舆地志》说:

Valentine's Day is named for Saint Valentine, an early Christian churchman who reportedly helped young lovers. Valentine was executed for his Christian beliefs on fedbruary 14 more than 1700 years ago, but the day that has his name is even

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the only Chinese festival devoted to love in the Lunar calendar. Unlike St. Valentine's Day in Western countries there is not so much emphasis on giving chocolates, flowers and kisses. Instead, Chinese

情人节的惊喜The Surprise on Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is coming soon, it is on February14. The day is a big day for the couple, they need to spend the special day with romance, the boys are alwa

the Valentine's Daythe Valentine's Day is a historical festival for loving people in western country.Today,we'll talk about different attitudes about the Valentine's Day. Some people think it good because in this festival the relationship between the loves

Every year lunar calendar in July seventh day this day is our country Han Nationality's traditional festival seventh night of the seventh lunar month the festival. Because the date activity's main participant is a young girl for this reason, but the holiday

情人节英文表白大全(中英文对照)I have searched a thousand years, and I have cried a thousand tears. I found everything I need, You are everything to me. Barry Fitzpatrick我寻觅了千万年,我哭泣了千万次.我已经找到了需要的一切,你就是我

Raise your head on August 19 and gaze at the stars, you will find something romantic going on in the sky.VALENTINE'S Day in China, the seventh day of the seventh lunar

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