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Into The Blue 忧郁深处/走进忧郁I've been scared of silence since you flew 自从你离开我一直怕寂寥Baby we were fools without a clue 宝贝,我们曾经是彻头彻尾的傻瓜Reaching for the things we never knew 为那些可望不可及的事情而困扰

hotel california the eagles on a dark desert highway,行驶在昏黑的荒漠公路上,cool wind in my hair.凉风吹过我的头发.warm smell of colitas,温馨的大麻香,rising up through the air.弥漫在空气中.up ahead in the distance,抬头遥望远方,i saw

When I collapse, will you forget? When I'm dead and gone, will you regret? All of the constant, mocking bitter slang And pokes when you were so upset When you grabbed your keys, said you were gone Couldn't help myself, I passed the

希望可以帮到你. 7 Years and 50 Days,the time is passing by, 时间已经过去了7年50天. nothing in this world could be,as nice as you and I. 在这个世界上没有什么比我们在一起更开心. And how could we break,up like this, 为什么我们之间会这

Get up now. Get up out of bed. 起床了,起床了,现在就起床. Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Comb your sleepy head. 洗脸,刷牙,梳头. Here's your clothes and your shoes. 这是你的衣服和鞋. Hear the words I said. 听话, Get up now.

没有什么能改变我对你的爱 抒情方式:亚历 如果我不得不生活在没有你陪伴的生活 的日子将会是一片空白 夜晚将显得漫长 我看见你是如此的清晰 或许我曾经爱过 但我从来没有感觉到如此强烈 我们的梦想是年轻,我们都知道 他们带我们去我们

Technicolour - Paloma Faith 彩衣--Paloma FaithOnce upon a time, my friends it feels like yesterday 从前,我的朋友,这感觉就像昨天I was living lonesome in a world of disarray我寂寞的生活在杂乱的世界里Everything was a black and white, there

lady gaga - paparazzi(狗仔队)we are the crowdwe're c-comin' out我们从人群之中走出来got my flash on, it's true need that picture of you我突然察觉到被跟拍的滋味it's so magical是多麽的神奇we'd be so fantastico我们就应该如此的美好leather

知是不是这个love to be loved by you 我喜欢被你爱着 Marc Terenzi -《love to be loved by you》 I can`t believe I'm standing here 我不敢相信我一直在这里等了这么多年 Been waiting for so many years and 等了这么多年 Today I found the Queen

伟大的你 最小的为我 您能告诉我什么是海深 一点爱,小吻 一个小小的拥抱,小礼物 所有的小事情是我们的记忆 你让我哭 让我的微笑 让我觉得爱情是真正的 你总是站在我身边 我不想说再见 你让我哭 让我的微笑 让我感到喜悦的爱 亲吻你哦 感

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