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on the summer vocation, i always go my hometown to company my grandma and grandpa. they are very happy to see me in that time,and we always talking my school life sitting under the tree, it's will be a very happy summer.

The Annual Spring Festival approaching."Xiaoming, back home to see? "My father once again asked me. I have the old saying, "No, never! "The application of my previous at home. We have a place to sleep to sleep on the work of grass, there

Dear of grandpa's grandmother: Come did not can go to call on youing recently, very sorry with this.Hope here your can be forever healthy.Home everything is well, and send greeting the heart.Recently have a little, and quickly graduated, and return

My family has 5 people: father, mother, grandparents, and I. My father works as an engineer in a company. My mother is a primary school math teacher.My grandmother used to be a good student in college. And after she graduated, she became an

olah,i am ginger. i just finished my courses today. i would like to say that you are a good teacher.you are so warm and sincere to talk with me. you helped me to correct my pronunciation ,teached me a lot of useful expressions like "my bed is talking

Dear Tony: Thanks for your letter, I am in Beijing. Beijing is a city, the traffic is very rich, of course, the bus also has a lot of. To hear you say your grandpa will come to Beijing? I was so happy, very welcome your grandpa coming, I think Beijing is also

I'm happy to have such a good summer holiday!Of course,I have many things to prepare.First,I need to make a plan about my holiday.I will do my homework 5 hours a day,and I want to read some famous English books to improve my English study.

My GrandparentsMy grandparents are very special to me. They have worked hard all their lives and sacrificed a lot for my family. Not only that, but they are also special friends to me. They are easier to talk to than my parents. For example,my

If someone asked me who I love most, I will not hesitate to say: " Grandpa and grandma love. ' 'Still remember childhood, adults always make fun of love asked Grandpa. Grandma grandpa. Grandma. Who is best for me? I would highly resistant to

我的寒假生活 墙上用很多不同颜色的笔画着一条又一条线.这就是我长高的标志.用尺子量了一下,从小学一年级起到寒假前,我一共长高了42厘米. 如今我上六年级了.整个小学生涯即将结束.时间过得好快.我苦笑.

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