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I always works hard . My brother usually walks to school . He often listens to music at home . Sometimes we went to the cinema together ,希望可以帮到你!

频度副词( adverbs of frequency )表示动作发生或状态存在的频繁程度.这类副词(词组)中,有的所表示的频度很明确,例如: once, twice, three times a day, every week, every other day 等;有的所表示的频度比较含糊,例如: often, usually

nowadays,more and more people focus their attention to how to have a healthy body,and so as me.i often do exercise when i am free.for example,i usually play table tenis at saturday morning.besides,i would take a balance eating habits.for

频度副词就是never seldom sometimes often usually always

Long long ago, many families had three or four children. They couldn't look after everyone well, so the children must do everything by themselves. They were too poor to go to school. Some of them liked learning, but they had to go to find jobs to make

my summer vacation after the final examination, i received a letter from my uncle and aunt who invited me to stay with them for a fortnight. they live in the countryside near a beautiful mountain. the news brought me a restless night. next morning, after

Every day,I always get up at six,and then,generally ,I walk to school.what's more,I usually have breakfast at school.sometimes,I will eat outside if the dishes are not good.every week,except study,there is rarely something special.

My Weekend I always have a busy and colourful weekend.On Saturday,I often do my 最后我才去睡觉.星期天早上我不得不去英语培训学校学英语.下午我经常去书店买一


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