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hat he finds most galaxies are red shifted -- almost all of them far away from us.! Even more amazing is the result of the 1929 Harbert: even the size of the galaxy redshift is not a random, but a galaxy away from our distance ...

Everybody likes to make a difference, so that they can be remembered. Being the spot can make people feel the sense of pride. But I don’t like to be somebody, I just want to be nobody. I can do whatever I want and without other...

Dear Li si: Hello,I am Zhang san,long time no see,how are you of these days? I heard you got into the tsinghua university,so I send a e-mail about congratulations to you! Well, as we know,you got into the tsinghua university is...

your hometown pollution my dream holiday travel

步入了初中,就证明你们已经结束了儿童时代了,你们在慢慢走向成熟。所以,我建议: 1.不要在以玩乐为主,好好学习,为你们中考打好基础 2.多多维持好学生关系,因为步入高中后,你依然会想起你初中的玩伴,以后的你们将会留下美好的回忆 3.学会...

Travel is a very good activity.When you're free,you can breath fresh air and make some friends...

food 不可数不能用many 修饰 help do sth 不用加to 还有的改不过来了


MY name is jim. MY grandma is cooking food now.my dad is repairing his car. my mum is washing plates.my sister is singing a song now. i am cleaning my room

这里总结了一些高考英语词组,希望对你们有用,高考临近,努力加油,望你金榜题名。 http://hi.baidu.com/lsy_zhaoban/blog/item/0000a316374e7a094b90a7b0.html

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