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are you mike 你是迈克吗

how are you,mike? 你好吗,迈克? how are you,mike? 你好吗,迈克?

Are you Mike

英语打电话问对方是谁的完整说法是 It that Mike speaking over there (那头说话的是麦克吗)?,who is that speaking over there (那头说话的是谁呀)?,简单地说就是 It that Mike speaking? 或 It that Mike? , who is that speaking? 或 whois...

回答 填写 Fine 望采纳

我的梳子在哪里 你在干什么,麦克?

no IM not

打电话用is that mike?表示问对方你是mike吗? are you mike?面对面问对方是不是mike, 希望对您有帮助。

hello,Mike.How are you 嗨,麦克,最近还好吗 hello,Mike.How are you 嗨,麦克,最近还好吗

hello,mike!how are you 中文为 嗨,麦克,你好吗?

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