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英语lovE story读后感500词左右

Report of The Love Story After a few days, I finally finished reading the novel "love story",what is the masterpiece of the famous writer Erich Siegel . This novel was published in 1970, tells a sad story of that the Oliver ,wh...

“有了爱就有了一切”,冰心奶奶的这句名言让我心情此起彼伏,想了许久······ 利用假期,我读了冰心奶奶的《繁星·春水》.书里,都是不同题材的散文,集中于对亲情之爱、人类之爱、大自然之爱以及儿童的讴歌,这些散文就像是爱的哲学,滋润着我们心田,净化...

To be honest, this movie is the best movie about father which I have seen. It is different from other movie because it through a fantastic story to show the love among father and his son. The beginning of this movie seems stran...

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