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是"成绩或者成就"的意思. achievement: [ 'ti:vmnt ] n. 成就,成绩,完成,达到 例句与用法 1. Flying across the Atlantic for the first time was a great achievement. 首次飞跃大西洋是一项了不起的业绩. 2. I felt a great sense of achievement

Do you yourself is another achievement!achievement(成就,成绩),例句解释:做你自己也是两一种成功!

你好!A new lawyer dealt with his first case officially and this is a great achivement.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

He has gained a remarkable achievement in scientific research over the years.他在多年里的科学研究取得了卓越的成就.

A new lawyer dealt with his first case officially and this is a great achivement.

1. he trembled suddenly when he saw a man running towards him with a biooding sword. 颤抖,因为害怕、寒冷等2. the tremendous monster has roared throughout the night for its baby was stolen by the human咆哮, the economy of china has



bdside是一个单词例句:We all go to the park ,beside my mother.

1.This a great achievement. 2.He is interested in welfare. 3.This project made he successful. 4.My institute located in a beautiful mountain. 5.He is the specialist of this area. 6.I had a great connection with Li. 7.We human being is not a dictator. 8.This campaign happened by students.

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