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1.I brought my receipt . 今天把收据带来了. 2.They brought some meat and some bread . 他们带来了一些肉和面包. 3.Time , the best physician of the mind , at length brought me relief . 时间,这位最擅于医治心灵的大夫,终于安慰了我.

brought up是bring up 的过去式 1,we are going to bring up this question at the next meeting . 我们打算在下一次会议上提出这个问题. 2,,i really worry about her, but i know if i bring up therapy, she will stop speaking to me. 我真的非常担心她,但是

He was brought up by his grandmother他是由他奶奶带大的.The old letters brought many recollections to my mind这些以前的信件使我忆起许多往事亲,请问你满意我的回答么?如果满意还请给个采纳!或者你还可以继续问我哦!提前祝你新年快乐!


I have brought your baggage我帮您把行李送来了I have brought my bike我把我的自行车带来了希望可以帮到你!

双语例句 Remember to bring an apron or an old shirt to protect your clothes 记得带一个围裙或者一件旧衬衫来,免得弄脏你的衣服.bring 英 [br] 美 [br] vt.导致;带来,引来;促使,引起;提供 词汇难度:高考 / CET4 / 考研 第三人称单数: brings 现在分词: bringing 过去式: brought 过去分词: brought

I was brought up by my parents.After a long ride journey, he brought up.Our school has brought up a lot of famous people.He brought up the heavy box.I bring up phlegm.


he was on the second floor .we were on the first floor.

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