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by mistake 错误地;由于差错:I took your umbrella by mistake.我错把你的雨伞拿走了.I took your bag instead of mine by mistake.我错拿了你的包,还以为是我的那.according to 根据,按照;取决于;据…所说 They did everything according to the plan.按照计划,他们做了一切事情.According to the doctor, I need an operation.按照医生的说法,我需要动一次手术.祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!!!O(∩_∩)O

i just took your umbrella by mistake. 我刚拿错了你的雨伞

by mistake 错误地 She put salt into her tea by mistake. 她误把盐放进茶里去了.

I love you by mistake!

I took the umbrella by mistake.我拿错了伞.

看情况,如果事情未做就用do sth.,做了就用doing sth.如:不要错误地来处理这件事.don't make a mistake to deal with this thing. (应该有to,因为这里make并非使役动词.) 你在这件事情的处理上犯了错误.you made a mistake dealing with this thing.不要

I'm sorry,I took your coat by mistake. I think his plan will work out. 我认为你有权生气,但情况也许并非你想的那样糟糕.你可以戴着假发,直到你的新头发长出.(war应该是wore,你肯定急打错了)

The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you'll make.你越细心,错误越少.There is no one who makes no mistakes.人无完人

by mistake[英][bai misteik][美][ba mstek]错误地; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.The message of better by mistake: the unexpected benefits of being wrong is cultural, noteconomic. 塔根的新书名叫《错误无伤大雅:犯错的意外收获》(

by accident Since 1991, 64 soldiers have been killed, most of them by accident.自1991年至今,有64名士兵殉职,其中大多数死于意外.by mistake This damage is caused by mistake at time of assemble engine.故障是由组装发动机时出现的错误

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