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Let's say that he did not do that, then who did? 如果说这不是他干的,那是谁干的? What Did you do yestermorning? Did you go for a swim ? 昨天早上您做什么了?您去游泳了吗? He did very little work himself, but bullied everybody who did. 他

We did finished the team work yesterday.

did you finish your homework?yes.i finished it two hours ago.

I did my homework last night. Did you clean your room? He did some shopping yesterday. My mum did housework last week.

用learn about造一个关于did的句子:How did you learn about the meeting? learn about英 [ l:n baut ] 美 [ ln bat ] 获得,学得 得知有关…的消息 1.No matter where you go in life or how old you get, there's always something new to

We did finished the team work yesterday.

did you make 100 sentences?

Did you go skating before?Yes, I did last year.

不会吧.1 Did you play football yesterday ? 昨天你踢足球吗?2 What did you do last Sunday ? 你上个星期天做什么事?3 I did my homework last night ? 我昨天晚上写作业.

did是助词,一般由于疑问句前.如:Did you play football last night?表示一般过去时.

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