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Don't fall down from the stairs.别从楼梯上摔下来了.Leaves are falling down from trees.树叶正从树上落下来.She fell down on the ground.她摔倒在地上了.

1.You must watch your step so as not to fall down. 你必须留心脚下才不会跌下去.2.Watch out. You might fall down.小心!你可能会摔下来.3.Fall down. he hurts his toe!跌倒了,他的脚趾头受伤了.4.Why do stars Fall down from the sky?为什么星星们从天上坠落?5.. Leaves fall down from trees in autumn.在秋天,很多叶子都从树上飘落.

The old lady fell down in the street and broke her leg.老妇跌倒在大街上,摔坏了腿.

You fall down from a big tree. He falls down from a big tree.

1.I'll never fall in love again.我不再陷入情网.2.In the fall, Wilma limped off to school.到了秋天,威尔玛一瘸一拐地走着去上学了.3.I hope you can fall in wish me on this question.我希望在这个问题上你能同意我的看法.4.If I fall asleep at the wheel

fall down: I watch as the book falls down the building.in fall: The leaves turn red in fall.fall off: Stay away from the edge, you don't want to fall off that cliff.fall asleep: I always fall asleep in class.as.. as possible: I'll try to get home as soom as possible.

he fell victim to her charms.他为她的姿色所倾倒.he fell victim to her enticement.他被她的魅力征服了.fall victim to an illness.感染上一种病.


fall asleep 英 [fl 'slip] 美 [fl 'slip] 入睡; 睡着 翻译 睡着了 fall asleep的用法和样例:例句 He lay down on the sofa and soon fall asleep.她躺在沙发上很快就睡著了.He fall asleep over the book.他看着书睡着了.

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