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1,Every year, 250,000 people enter the job market.每年有25万人进入就业市场.2,The job was easy; the hours were good.这份工作很轻松,工作时间也很合适.3,He obtained his first job through the milk round.他在校园招聘会上找到了第一份工作.

1.You do a good job in the game.2.I do a good job in the PE test3.I do a good job in the writing competition

what do you job

do a good job in sth在方面做得好;做好工作 do a good job (in) doing sth 在做方面做得好;做好工作

I'm the best man for the job,It's your duty on friday.He had a dream about his friends.His ambition is to sail round the world

job指具体的工作种类,比如doctor,teacher work只是指工作 job可数可以写成jobs,而work不可数

I will get my job soon.我将不久得到我的工作

what job is uncle doing

1 There are fifty students in her class2 What's your job/3 He works in a hospital4The train station is far from here 祝你学习进步

i work hard.i work at hospital.my work is teacher.he work very hard.she work hard.

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