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the doctor limited me to eat too more meat.

The speed limit limited drivers' driving speed and put a limitation on the supposedly limitless posibilities of driving.公路上的限速限制了司机们开车的速度,也限制了原本开车时无限的可能.

Dad,as you are not as well as you were before,you should limit yourself to smoking as little as possible ,and it will be better if you totally give it up.

应该是limit sb doing.Here limit smoking.

1.set a limit to:为..设置一个限制/极限2.the limit of:..的极限 3.without limit:没有限制,无极限4.limit sth to:将某物限制在..范围内1.The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. (Franklin Roosevelt, American president)

limit to

the police limit him to go out.警察限制他外出.

n. 1. 界限,界线,限度,极限,极点 2. [复数] 范围;境界;领土 3. (渔、猎等的)限额;限量;限度 4. (一次下的)赌注限额 5. [the limit] [口语]使人恼怒或高兴到极点的人(或事);叫人无法忍受的人(或事) 6. 【数学】 (数列的)极限 (

The speed limit on the freeway is 55mph.这条高速公路的限速为每小时55英里.Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see a shadow.面朝阳光,你的世界就无阴影.

及物动词 vt.1.限制; 限定 He must limit the number of cigarettes he smokes.他必须限制他抽烟的数目.2.限量;减量 3.减少;削减 We should limit the expenses.我们应该节省开支.4.【法律】确定;确切指派名词 n.1.境界; 界限; 限度 There isn't a limit to everything.对每件事情没有什么限制.2.限额,极限;限量 The bank has written to say I've gone over my credit limit.银行写信来说我已经超过信用限额了.3.令人无法忍受的人[事物]

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