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用shE CAn造句

I can fly to the sky.You can run on the playground.Can Tony do the dishes?Chinese can kill Japanese.Can teacher play the computer?

can 能,会I can cook.我会做饭.She can swim 她会游泳.

i can piay the piano.我会弹钢琴.he can swim.他会游泳.she can't paint.她不会画画.it can eat.它会吃.can you play the trumpet?你会吹喇叭吗?

Can you help me with my homework?你能帮帮我写作业么?Can they go home tomorrow?他们明天能回家么?Can she eat fruits this week?她这周能吃水果么?

can you run?can you swim?can you hlep me?can you jump?can you skp?l can runl can swiml can hlep youl can jumpl can skp

楼主你好!She can fly her kite very high.希望我的回答对你有帮助!满意请采纳哦!亲

用can造句第三人称?答:she can read a book

1. sing 2. swim 3. play football 4. play the piano 5. speak English

He can swim(游泳).She can dance(跳舞).He/She +can +do sth.

Can she swim?Yes, she can.

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