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What is your name?My name is LiMing.

What nationality are you? (国籍) 你来自哪个国家?

what a sunny day 多好的天气 what are you doing 你在做什么 what's your name 你叫什么名字 what do you like 你喜欢什么 what will you do 你想做什么 what's the matter 怎么了 where are you going 你去哪儿 where is your house 你家在哪 when to go 什么时候走 when will you reach 你什么时候到 哎呀好难,编不下去了

what do they have on吧?不然就不对了这句话.我先按这个写着:what do they have on the farm?他们农场有什么?(我承认,百度的)下面的都是一字一句打的.what do they have on the school?他们学校有什么?what do they have on Friday

1. What is it? 这是什么?2. What is your name? 你叫什么名字?3. What time is it?现在几点了?4. What colour is your car?你的车是什么颜色的?5. What did he say? 他刚才说的什么?6. What books have you read yesterday?你昨天看的什么

What is it? 这是什么?What is your name? 你叫什么名字?What time is it?现在几点了?What colour is your car?你的车是什么颜色的?What did he

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:.What is this?What color is it?

what is your name? My name is Shirley.what do you do? I am a doctor.what are you doing? I am doing housework.what are you going to do? I am going to swim.

What your mane? What's it is? What's the matter?

What are you doing?What are they doing?What do you want?What ias that?How old are you?

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