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five million three hundred thousand

If I don't forget you.How can I tell you! 标准的!

翻译:世界上最幸福的事之一就是有个人一直在想着你! 我想你! 这句话没有错误,think后面加s即可,但是不地道,英文中对这种头重脚轻的句子会用形式主语It代替,如下: It is one of the happiest things in the world th亥掸忿赶莜非冯石辅将at there is someone always thinks about you!

基本上目前国内在线翻译网站比较不成熟,智能化不够,错误比较多,特别是翻译整句的时候,参考度很低,建议查询词汇利用. 比较普遍和认可的还是google的吧 http://translate.google.com/translate_t


i won't let you down,neither will make you feel lonely. please trust me, you must live a happy life, no matter how hard it will be in the future, at least you have my greeting and my love for you. through i may not be the best, i believe that no one can give you the better love than me.


Among them: aged over one year balance Payables holding five percent (5%) more shares of the shareholders funds.

Hi, Peter, you go to China for sightseeing, the biggest harvest a what? Thank god, I stepped on a pile of shit.

based on the hongshan fuyang town of preschool education of rural left-behind children about the investigation and research, by conditions, preschool education left-behind children exist problems, millions of peasants leave rural land, into the city,

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