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We almost run out of the water. 我们的水快用完了 In fact, I have left the high school. 事实上,我已经离开了那个高中 would like to have some coffee.. 我想来点咖啡 By the way, your skirt is very beautiful. 顺便说一句,你的裙子很漂亮.

be on fire 在着火 be on holiday 在假期中 be on show 展览 be poor in 在差 be popular with sb 深受欢迎 be prepared for 为……做好准备 be proud of 为而自豪 be ready (for) 为……做好准备 be rich in 在充足;富含.. be


that bag doesn't belong to me.那个袋子不是我的. don't take away the things that don't belong to you.不要带走不属于你的东西 =don't take away what doesn't belong to you.

1.agree with同意……意见;符合;一致 I certainly agree with that. 我当然同意. 2.ask for请求;询问 We ask for the cooperation of all concerned. 我们请求一切有关方面给予合作. 3.arrive at/in到达 arrive at Shanghai on saturday 周六抵达上海

1. i am reading 我在读书. 2 it is necessary for you to do homework 你必须得做作业 3.to get up at 7:00 is my habit 七点起初是我的习惯 4. i will return the book to you as soon as i finish it 我一看完书就还你 5. whether you'll success depends on


1. I see. 我明白了.2. I quit! 我不干了!3. Let go! 放手!4. Me too. 我也是.5. My god! 天哪!6. No way! 不行!7. Come on. 来吧(赶快)8. Hold on. 等一等.9. I agree. 我同意.10. Not bad. 还不错.11. Not yet. 还没.12. See you. 再见

1. What you want to do must not be against the rule.你做事不能违反规定. 2. Hang on a minute, please. I'll be back in a few seconds.请(把电话握住)等一下,我一会儿就回来. 3. I have got to do my homework this Sunday.我这周日得做作业.

1.get along well with 和某人相处融洽 I get along well with all my classmates. 2.be interested in 对..感兴趣 John is interested in reading newspapers . 3.be disappointed with 对失望 The teacher was disappointed with his answers. 4.make

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