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Sky's ThE Limit 中文歌词

歌曲名:sky's the limit 歌手:平田志穂子 专辑:ペルソナ4 1【完全生产限定版】特典CD TVアニメ『ペルソナ4 The Animation』OP 作词:Lotus Juice 作·编曲:目黑将司 歌:平田志穂子 glaciers of ideas importing to my friends than exporting t...

Sun is coming up over the Hill I can the will and i'll find the Way waited for the chance all over my Life I can't watch it go by now is the Time It's our choice to make every breath we take no more praying off your knees play ...

The sky is the limit. 毫无限制,没有上限; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. The sky is the limit there. " 在这里前途无量。” . 很高兴为你解答! 如有不懂,请追问。 谢谢!

Tape Five - The Sky Is Not The Limit http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/lCylRxseqEg/

the sky is the limit 缘份无边界;天空是极限;没有限制 例句 1.And after that, well, maybe the sky is the limit. 之后,苹果也许真的不可限量。 2.However, the sky is the limit in just how far to take this customization. 但是,此定...

The sky is the limit 没有限制; 例句: 1. The sky is the limit there. " 在这里前途无量。” 2. If battier health back, no doubt the sky is the limit of this rocket. 如果巴蒂尔健康复出,无疑天空才是这支火箭的极限。

The sky is the limit 意思是:没有限制/天空才是极限 limit n. 限制; 限量,限度; 界限; vt. 限制,限定; 复数: limits 过去式: limited 现在分词: limiting 第三人称单数: limits

这句只有引申义,直译完全没有意义。 the sky is the limit 天空非常辽阔,天空的界限就是没有界限 when your heart is in it 意思是当你全身心投入的时候, 句子等于If you are really dedicated, there is nothing you cannot do. 如果你全身...


这是幽默的一句话。 sky is the limit 是everything is possible的意思,天空才是界限。这里故意取用字面意思。 人类都能在月球上留下足迹了,就别跟我说天空才是界限了

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