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A lEttEr to sB

a letter for sb 给某人的信 letter to sb把信给某人 举例:I wrote a letter to you. 我给你写了一封信 there is a letter for you. 这是你的信 前者强调信是给你看的,后者强调信是属于你的.

dear mom and dad,thank you, mom and dad. you gave me some of the sweetest memories that sends pangs of homesickness through my heart whenever i remember them and make me feel like i was really loved. mom, i remember how you would

There is a letter to your grandfather 这是给你爷爷的信 There is a letter for you 这是给你的信 这两个句子for and to 没有区别,就像我们中文可用这是给你的信,这有封你的信等有多种表达一样 当然Please write a letter for me . 请帮我写一封信. Please write a letter to me .请写一封信给我.中是不同的.这种区别由for:为了,to:向的本意导致

a letter to my english teacher给英语老师的一封信

write sb.a letter 和 write a letter to sb.两种形式都对.write me a letter = write a letter to me .但多用于第二种.


Dear teacher: I've been learning English for about six years. But I don't think I can speak English very well . and I think the grammar is too difficult for me to understand . Can you help me? I think you're a good teacher.My English is improving. I always

Dear sb, How dare you such a SB? I do not want to make friend with a sb. Get out. Best regards!Yours, XX

3.I was so happy that i forget to do my homework.再看看别人怎么说的.

I sent a letter to my friend.

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