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为什么用give an introduction这种用法呢?英文里通常不这么说,你可以直接说:“Dear friends, today i would like to introduce to you."

常用的就下面几个哈:动词: by, to Freedom of speech is guaranteed by our Constitution.You're guaranteed to lose on those machines.名词: against, of The Soviets are demanding certain guarantees about verification before signing the treaty.Blue skies are not a guarantee of continuing fine weather.

on 或者about(关于的演讲;陈述)

后面跟名词用of.例:Evidence of a crime(犯罪证据)如果是跟句子就用that从句.

agree on在…上达成一致,后面一般加协议合同方案,主语一般是同意的所有人.agree to同意某事,后面一般加意建,计划等.agree with同意某人,后面人,但特殊情况agree with what +人+said.

expand reach是扩大规模过大范围的意思 后面常见的就是跟in和into 如:it is said that the company would expand reach in usa.

on和in都可以.如,You will receive instructions in navigation .

用for例如:我胜任这份工作 .i am qualified for the job.i am qualified for teaching mathematics at high school.虽然be qualified后面可用to,不过这个to不是介词,而是不定词例如:he's qualified to teach biology at high school level.介词后面的动词要加 ing

前面是sth behind sb 后面是 sb after sth

应该要有的.应该是笔误.announce the agreement on Tuesday这样才通顺

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