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back to school 是指回到学校back to school : 这是美国圣玛丽中学的一个传统活动,主要是邀请学生家长来学校参观和了解孩子在学校的学习、生活、活动等各方面的情况,以便更好地进行家校互动.回学校的时间期限通常从七月中旬通过早

back fo school的中文翻译_百度翻译 back fo school 全部释义和例句>>回到佛学院

welcome back to school 意思是:欢迎回到学校 welcome 英 [welkm] 美 [wlkm] vt. 欢迎; 乐于接受;adj. 受欢迎的; 令人愉悦的; 表示感谢的;n. 欢迎,迎接;复数: welcomes 过去式: welcomed 过去分词: welcomed 现在分词:

welcome back to school 欢迎回到学校 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 欢迎回到学校 例句: 1. go back to school any way you can. 以任何可能的方式回到学校.

back to school回到学校[电影]大儿子小爸爸双语例句In about 15 minutes my time was up and I ran back to school.大约过了15分钟,我的午休时间结束了,我跑回学校.2Bad job markets generally tend to push people back to school or to seek newtraining.就业市场不佳时总是会推动人们返回校园读书,或者寻找新的培训机会.


welcome back to school!欢迎回到学校!例句:1.One was excited because she could now go back to school. 有个女孩非常的兴奋因为她可以回学校上学了.

Back to school I have been looking forward to going to school for almost two months, althouth I just finished my homework. This morning I bought two new pens and five large notebooks, which are for my new sememster. I have lots and lots of news to

go back to school 释义 回校;复学 网络 复学 英[u bk tu: sku:l]美[o bk tu skul]


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