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BE hArmFul to造句

pollution is harmful to all the life on the earth.

He tried to cut down on smoking but failed. 他试图少抽烟,但没成功. Smoking is harmful to your health. 吸烟有害于你的健康.


be due to do sth 按期,按理该做某事,由于,定于(某时做某事) The train is due to arrive at 5 o'clock. 火车应在五点到达 I am due to go shopping tonight. 我今晚去购物

be bad for 有害于..

It is harmful to be deaf to what is happening in the world.充耳不闻天下事是有害的.

be harmful to 对,有害的,be harmful to health 有害健康be harmful to sb 对某人有害

be harmful to 对..有伤害的. 是 形容词词组结构 do harm to 造成危害. 是动词性结构.例句与用法: Smoking is harmful to health. 吸烟对健康有害. Freezing winter is harmful to orange trees. 冰冻天气对桔子树是有害的. . Nuclear

be bad for

Watching TV too much does harm to your eyes.Watching TV too much is harmful to your eyes.

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