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By onE s siDE例句


I need you on my side.我需要你站在我这一边.

1.用于被动语态的句子中,表示动作的执行者,意为“被;由”. He was praised by the teacher.他受到了老师的表扬. The book was written by Lu Xun.这本书是鲁迅写的.2.表示方式、方法、手段等,后常接无冠词的名词或动名词,意为“通

on one's side 表示支持某人,站在某人的立场上,表态度;by one's side 表示站在某人的旁边,表位置关系.希望对你有所帮助!

另外;作为兼职 You can raise your standard of living if you pick up some freelance work on the side.如果你能另外获得一些自由工作,你能提高你的生活标准.

Stay By My Side want to know when it was, my heart began to feel this love inside suddenly i found you, ever since can't get you off my mind since i realized these feelings, i spend hours staring at the skies in this new world i'm reborn, i hope it never

by your side 翻译:在你身边;伴你同行;支持你.

I will protect you by your side翻译成:我会保护在你的身边.其中,by one's side是固定词组,翻译成:在某人身边,例句:

在旁边by sideby one's side在他的旁边by his side

stand by sb,支持某人 stand by one's side站在某人身边,也可以理解为支持 stand behind sb,做后援,做某人后盾

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