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kilogram 英[klgrm]美[klrm] n.公斤; 千克 网络 千克/公斤; 公斤,千克; 千克,公斤 百度翻译例句库3 The sugar has a net weight of one kilogram.糖的净重为1000克.

beautifully是beautiful的副词,是拿来修饰动词和形容词的!the book is the most beautifully painted one on the shelf.这本书是架上绘画最美的一本.用beautifully来修饰painted (adj.).she danced most beautifully in the contest.她是比赛中跳舞跳得最美的.用beautifully来修饰dance (v.).

1、天真的你,可爱的你,单纯的你,不造作的你,真可谓人间极品! 2、他不仅帅,而且因为是名门之后,还具体独特的绅士风度!

ache for 同情, 怜悯 my heart aches for you.我很心疼你.渴望 his heart ached for her love.他渴望得到她的爱.

1.i cut my thumber by accident. 2.they were caught in the rain on the way. 3. i didn't wake up until i heard the alarm clock. it was not until she got married that she knew the truth. 4. he passed the exam in the end. 5. perhaps someone took your umbrella by mistake.

1 I give her a cat.2 She sent me a doll.3 My mother bought me a dog.4 She passes me a piece of paper.5 The boy teaches me an English lesson.1 I find it interesting(difficult).2 She thinks it easy(really interesting).

用这个单词简单造句如下所示They're making snowman.希望能帮到你祝你生活愉快

The boy is painting a tiger. 那男孩在画一只老虎.

is this planet far from the sun? 或者 this planet is far from the sun.

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