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him an ideal ambassador for classical music and a role model for young people. He is the first Chinese pianist to be engaged by the Berlin Philharmonic and all "Big Five" American orchestras. Li

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i love chinese model 全部释义和例句>>我爱中国模特model 英[mdl] 美[m:dl] n. 模型; 模式; 模特儿; 典型; vt. 做模特儿; vt. 模仿; 制作模型,塑造; 将…做成模型; [例句]Darwin eventually put forward a model of biological evolution.达尔文最终提出了生物进化的模型.[其他] 第三人称单数:models 复数:models 现在分词:modelling过去式:modelled 过去分词:modelled


chinese old man tube 中国老年人电视机 tube[英][tju:b][美][tu:b] n.管,管状物; 电子管; 地铁; 电视机; vt.把…装管; 把…弄成管状; 用管输送; vi.乘地铁; 不及格; 第三人称单数:tubes过去分词:tubed复数:tubes现在进行时:tubing过去式:tubed 例句:1.The game calls for players to lift a ball inside a transparent tube using their powers of concentration. 游戏要求玩家利用集中力将一个小球上升至一根透明的管中.



Chinese parents and students. Therefore, Bai and her must practice during the weekend. “If you are model of it before anybody else. In college, Farnsworth continued his research with cathode ray and

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