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outrage NOUNatred atred1 [uncountable] a strong feeling of shock and angerThe judge's remarks caused public outrage.She was filled with an overwhelming sense of outrage.Environmentalists have expressed outrage at the

comp(o)=competitor类似的还有:comp(v)=competitive, comp(n)=competition o表示动词延伸的人称,v表示以ive结尾的形容词,n表示以ion结尾的名词.

您好,我是这么区分的1. dumbfound 因为dumb有“傻的,木讷的”这一意思,所以牛津给予解释“惊呆了”2. confuse中fuse有混合之意,所以表示因为混淆而困惑3. perplex与complex都有plex后缀,所以是因复杂难懂而困惑4. bewiler后半部分含有变形的wild,wild有盲目的,野性的这一含义,所以理解为“因困惑而糊涂,以至于无法思考.5. baffle语气最为强烈,因困惑而被难住,含有s生气的意味 eg:I'm baffle as to why she hasn't called.(牛津例句) 谢谢

rival一般指有敌对性质的竞争对手 比如情敌 之类competitor可以泛指一般的竞争性的对手 比如商业 学习 比赛等等

Friend is one kind of good relationship without blood relationship. A true friend would be honesty, loyalty, loyalty, and take care of each other. Their interest may be very similar, and may often be together. They may also help each other, for example,

favourite 国际音标 [HELP] [] 中文翻译 [HELP] adj. 特别喜爱的, 中意的 n. 特别喜爱的(或物) 英文解释 [HELP] [ 名词 ] 1. a competitor thought likely to win2. a special loved one 3. something regarded with special favor or liking; "that book is one



when the two friends met. they often do that ------------shake hands message----------information wave--------when you say goodbye or met somebody, you often do that 太别扭了 我受不了了 真不知道如何说下去 就这些吧

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