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conservationist n. 自然资源保护论者网络释义 专业释义 英英释义 自然资源保护论者 保护管理论者 环保主义者 提倡保护自然资源的人短语Conservationist physics 伪科学The Conservationist 中译名生态保护者 ; 生态保护者 ; 自然资源保护论者Conservationist's Lament 自然保护主义者的哀歌


conservationist美 [.knsr've()nst]英 [.kns(r)'ve()nst]n.自然资源保护论者 生态环保人士;天然资源保护论者;自然资源保护人士例句筛选1.Conservationists hope a breeding program will salvage part of the genome.环保人士希望繁殖计划能抢救出部分基因.

去掉"a conservationist at the Columbus Zoo", 句子缩减为:Consider the time Charlene Jendry learned that a female gorilla named Colo was handling a suspicious object. 这是一个省略了"Please"的祈使句. 完整的句子是:Please consider

The Development of National, State, and Municipal Parks国家、州县和市级公园的发展.Concern for preservation of the natural heritage of the United States in an era of increasing industrialization and despoilment of natural resources began in

保护: [ bǎo hù ] 1. to defend2. to protect3. to safeguard其它相关解释: <ensure from> <protection> <protect> <coverture> <conservancy> <egis> <guardianship> <enshield> <safekeeping> <protectfrom> <fend> <give security against> 例句与

Joseph Wood Krutch, (b. Nov. 25, 1893, Knoxville, Tenn., U.S.d. May 22, 1970, Tucson, Ariz.), American naturalist, conservationist, writer, and critic. Krutch attended the University of Tennessee (B.A., 1915) and Columbia University, N.Y. (M.A.,

国动物学家珍妮古道尔(Jane Goodall)在世界上拥有极高的声誉,她二十多岁的时候就来到了非洲的原始森林,为了观察黑猩猩,她度过了三十八年的野外生涯,之后她又奔走于世界各地,呼吁人们保护野生动物,保护地球的环境.她更获

I was busy last weekend .on Saturday morning.I went to Xiao Gan with my parents .We visited the Hou Hu park. in the afternoon. I went shopping .I Also ate some good food. They're so tasty

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