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deliberation [di,lib'rein]n.考虑,细想,深思熟虑;研究[常作复数](做出决定前的)磋商,商议,协商,评议,审议,协议审慎,慎重,从容,沉着,不慌不忙缓慢短语:under deliberation 在考虑中;在审议中public deliberation 公共协商

be responsible for 通常是指“对某事负责任”而be responsible to 通常是“对某人负责”.如果是responsible的名词形式“responsibility",则后面用for sb./ sth.均可!这样可以了吗?


abandon英文发音音标:英 ['bndn];美 [bndn]汉语贴近发音: [尔班 abandonment,abandonable例句:After careful deliberation,it was agreed to abandon

您好:Today I went to the aquarium,I saw a lot of marine life,which I like most is a shark,it has a pair of sharp teeth,it is long,I am afraid of sharks,because they can eat people,will also eat other ma

1.be in charge of sth 负责 ; 主管 Who do you believe should be in charge of such a situation?你认为到底是谁要为这样的状况负责呢?

in charge of 和be in charge of意思相同,都是“负责”.in charge(of)在句中作后置定语修饰它前面的名词.例如: He is a teacher in charge of our class.他是负责我们班的老师.be in charge of在句中作谓语.例如:Professor Chen is in charge of scientific research in our department.陈教授负责我们系的科研工作.

abandon 英['bndn] 美[bndn] vt. 放弃,抛弃;离弃,丢弃;使屈从;停止进行,终止 n. 放任,放纵;完全屈从于压制

my heart will go on - céline dionevery night in my dreamsi see you i feel youthat is how i know you go onfar across the distanceand spaces between usyou have come to show you go onnear far wherever you arei believe that the heart does go ononce

其实自己查下辞典,看看例句也就懂了. ;;;assume;;; 1. 以为;假定为;(想当然地)认为 (+that) I assumed that he had gone for a stroll. 我想他去散步了. 2. 承担;就任;取得 The prince assumed power when he was only fifteen. 王子在十

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