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ExChAngE iDEAs造句

i exchange idea with my mother i exchange my pen with lucy

您好:exchange ideas交换想法exchange vt.交换如果对你有帮助,请采纳!祝你学习更上一层楼,数学辅导团为你解决疑问!

Can you exchange your book with mine?再看看别人怎么说的.

he is an exchange student. 他是一名交换生.

We shared views and ideas with the teacher

exchange rate 汇率, 兑换率 例句:The exchange rate today be250 Japanese yen to the pound. 今天的兑换率是1英镑换250日元.He adds a let- out clause to the effect that the payment will be revised if the exchange rate fall by more than5%. 他加

A:hello,jeck.you look unhappy,what's wroung with youB:hi,marry.at least,I'm very worry about my future.A:Future?oh..hmmmm you aren't feel anxious in it

动词的时态不对,exchanging co-operating.


1、朋友间有误会应当坦率地交换看法,不可背地诽谤.2、 世界上最无价的东西是人心,要赢得别人的心,只有拿自己的心去交换.3、几个人互相交换了一下眼色,心照不宣,知道大家的希望并没有落空.

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