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from time to time 有时,不时 be different from 与……不同 come from 出生于,来自 from door to door 挨家挨户 from now on 从现在起,今后 from tip to toe 彻头彻尾,完全 hear from 收到……来信 keep from 使……不做 be from 来自……,什么

be different from(differ from) come from keep from prevent from far (away) from 很多表示“从”的概念的都可以用from的动词词组

far from 远离 from..to 从..到.. from now on 从今以后 save sth from danger 保护某物免受伤害 from above/below 从上、下面 from behind 从后面 from over the sea 从海外

come from

http://www.huixue.cc/dy/s?from 在这里有 from time to time [中考]有时,不时 be different from [中考]与……不同 come from [中考]出生于,来自 from door to door [中考]挨家挨户 from now on [中考]从现在起,今后 from tip to toe [中考]彻头彻尾,完全

preserve from 保护,使…免遭 stray away from 走离;走失;漫游 abstain from 戒除,弃权,避开 escape from 逃脱,逃离

算 比句子短的 比单词长的 就是短语

keep sb from doing sth阻止某人做某事 =stop sb from doing sth =prevent sb (from) doing sth

come from / be from 来自

across from是“在……对面”的意思,有相近意思的短语有:opposite to 和over there ,但across from 在什么的对面,指地理位置 opposite to 相反的,指态度、意见、主意、想法等,两者还是有区别的.希望被采纳并能帮到你,谢谢!

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