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How soon 多快(还有多长时间):I'm going to graduate soon. 我很快就要毕业了.How soon? 多快(还有多长时间)?This June. 这个六月.How often (多长时间(一次)):How often do you visit your grandparents? 你多长时间去看你祖

The speed of the bus is (500 miles an hour).就表语提问:What's the speed of the bus?The bus is running (at a speed of 500 miles an hour)就状语提问:How fast is the bus running?

how soon多久之后how long,how soon都和“多长时间、多久”有关,但它们的用法不相同.how long意为“多久、多长时间”,主要是对一段时间进行提问,答语通常是(for)three days/weeks/months等时间段,它可用于各种时态.how soon意为“还要多久”,是对从某个基本时间到将来某动作结束或某动作发生这段时间提问,常用在一般将来时态的句子中,其答语通常是“in + 一段时间”.How soon can you finish the work?还要多久你能完成这项工作?In half an hour.半小时后.

How fast she can run!! 如果后面是形容词没名词就直接how,有名词就what……How clever(he is).What a clever boy(he is).括号里的都是可以省略掉的

How fast does the car run on the expressway in The United States? - In most states, the speed limit on the expressway is 55 miles per hour , or about 88 kilometers per hour.

简单的来说what一般用来修饰名词.how用来修饰形容词副词的. what:1.如果后面为单数又可数名词时what +a an the+名词 what a picture! what a car! 2.当名词为复数可数名词时或是不可数名词时 what +名词即可 what cool water! what beautiful picture! how +形容词/副词 省略形式 how +形容词/副词+主语+谓语 how cool! how hungry! how hungry i am! how cold today is!

How用于感叹句的几种句型: 1.How+形容词 How lovely!多可爱啊! How nice!多好啊! How kind of you!您好客气! 2.How+形容词+主语+谓语 How tall she is!她个子多高啊! How fond he was of it!他多么喜欢它啊! 3. How+副词+主

what:1、用作疑问代词,用来构成特殊疑问句.比如呢:What are you2\用作疑问形容 How clever the boy is!多聪明的小孩啊!How fast he runs!他跑得多快啊! 2.how修

how fast 问速度,how soon问最快可以多久,how often问频率,how long问多久,what time问时间=when,how much time类似于how long,how many times问次数

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