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举例;1. I don't know how often I heard the same awful jokes.2. How often do you brush your teeth?3. The two occasions she tripped up tell you nothing about how often she got away with it. 4. No matter how often they turn up, their welcome never

how often do you have a shower?你隔多久洗一次澡?(一般现在) how often did you buy her a present when you were together?你们还在一起的时候,你隔多久给她买一次礼物啊?(过去) how often will you call on him when you reach beijing

用how long,how often和when造句 how long have you lived in shanghai? how often do you go to the cinema? when did you see him?

1. How often do you go to the park? I go to the park once every month. (每月一次) 2. How often does he come to your house? He comes twice a week. (每周两次)

how often does he go to cinema ?how often does he go shopping?how often does he do his homework?how often does he see the doctor?how often does he play football?how often does he play basketball?how often does he travel ?how often does

how often用来提问某动作或状态发生的频率,对“一段时间内发生了几次活动”(always,usually, often, never或twice a day等表示频度的词或短语)提问时用 例句:how often do his parents let him watch tv?

how often do you go to school?i go to school every day

-How is everything going?- Everything is fine.

答案是:1. how long did you live here ? 2.how long does he spend walking to every day ?3.how far do you live from our school ? 4.how far is it from the library to the park ?5.how often do you run ?6.how often does Tom eat junk food ?~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

how do you spend your weekends?I often visit the museum.What's the weather here like in Spring?It often rains in Spring.What do you do for relaxation?I often just laze around and do nothing.

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