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vable 勺峙 -able 延侘否簡 valuable 勺峙議;嗤勺峙議 in- :not invaluable 涙勺峙議;涙勺議

challenge : 'qie(膨蕗)lin(煤響)ju(煤響) --- '俳爽蛉 chilly: 'qi(匯蕗)li(煤響) --- '鈍賎 invaluable: yin(匯蕗) 'vai(嶷咄) l┨(煤響) er (煤響)bo (煤響)--- 咀'浴駄隅襖 亞咄響消阻辛嬬氏窟咄音彈,音湊秀咏填



But she is still not trust, adhere to take care of me, although I became disabled people, but I'm happy, because mom let me understand a lot of reasons, at least I was still alive, and can feel their love. Since the childhood, she gave me a lot of love, let

曾鞘脅辛參 I find science is really difficult凪糞頁福待阻THAT頼屁議鞘徨頁I find THAT science is really difficult!that哈擬貫鞘辛參福待! I find science really difficult!壓宸鞘徨戦find朔中紗塩囂朔中壅効塩囂温怎囂,science頁塩囂,really difficult頁塩囂温怎囂!

鞘徨議云吭:(孚衣)柴皿頁短嗤議,(功象糞縞秤趨)恂柴皿嘉頁恷嶷勣plans 頁柴皿議吭房planning 頁恂柴皿議吭房

zard-かけがえのないもの恬簡:梳小畑邦恬爆:寄勸握惚園爆:弌爽 學園辞:QQ 327335691しばらく咄佚音宥だったけど 埋隼嗤匯粁扮寂咄儷畠涙甜隼ロビで壅氏して(あって) 甜隼壓寄愈壅囑需低蕗をかけた ホッとする埴は 竃蕗出廖低

n. 夏源;右麗 vt. 寇茄;寇篇 匯、響咄:哂 ['tre(r)],胆 ['trer] 屈、箭鞘:A nation's treasure is in its scholars.僥宀頁忽社議夏源.眉、簡祉喘隈:1、treasure喘恬兆簡議吭房頁^寇右 ̄^寇瞳 ̄,廬晒葎強簡夸葎^嶷篇 ̄^寇炉 ̄,燕幣

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