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always i always love flowers.我一直很喜欢鲜花 she is always so quiet.她总是那么沉默 often he often goes swimming.他经常去游泳 do you often see them?你经常看到他们吗?sometimes sometimes i go to the library.有时我还会去图书馆

some time(一段时间)不同于some times(几次) / sometime (某个时间)/ sometimes(有时候)它一般由for来引导.例如:”I will stay at home for some time next week.“”下周我将会在家待一段时间.“【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

i was watching tv at that time. 那时我正在看电视.

the list includes many girl and boy. does that include this place? don't forget to include the check. the price for the hotel includes breakfast 对不起,我不知道你是要编码的,我还以为是学习英语的. vars.php<?php&#36;color = 'green';&#36;fruit = '

I have a hard time.

my favourite festival my favourite festival is the spring festival. because i have lots of fun at the spring festival. the spring festival is a popular holiday in our country. it is in january or february. our family get together. we have a big dinner at my

(1)sometimes的意思是“有时”,是副词.例如: Sometimes he comes by bike and sometimes by bus. 他有时骑车来,有时乘公共汽车来. (2)sometime也是副词,意思是“在某个时候”.可用于一般过去时与将来时.例如: You can hand in

Travel increases one's knowledge of the world.旅游增进人对世界的了解.Foreign investments there increased five times.那里的外国投资增加了五倍.These flowers will increase every year.这些花会年复一年越长越多.His weight showed an increase of 3 lbs. in a month.他的体重在一个月内增加了三磅.

NO.1 He always goes to school by bike. NO.2 My mother often cooks at 6:00 in the afternoon. NO.3 Sometimes she has lunch at school. NO.4 My father never reads newspaper at work.

I'm wrong.翻译为:“我错了.”

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