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My Happy Family There're five members in my fmaily my parents ,my grandparents ,my sister and me .My mother is a teacher.She teaches Chinese in our school.She

there are three people in my family. both of my parents are doctors. they work hard every day. my mother is very beautiful. she likes reading and traveling. my father is tall and thin. he likes collecting stamps very much. i am a middle school student. i

I have a happy family. Mother father and I. My mother is a Teacher. My father is a driver.I am a student.

My name is XXX, 13 years old this year, is the Chinese people, is a clever boy. I come from fifth middle school. I have a big family. There are 4 people in my family, my father, my mother, my grandmother. And I. I love my father, my father loves me too.

按照family tree来写,描写一下每个人的职业或者特点,最后来句总结,这就是我的大家庭.


I have a happy family.My family have five poeple:grandpa,grandma,father,mother,and me.My grandparents live in countryside.They have six rooms.The room is big.There are two apple in the ground.They have sixteen goats and three cows.The goat

There are four people in my family,my parents,my bother and I.My family is pretty good. I'm really happy. My brother is shy and funny. He is good at sports and does well in volleyball.But he hates studying and his grades are bad. He like telling jokes.


My family I love my family very much,because my family is very interesting.There are three people in my family.There is my father,mother,and I.My father is tall and strong.He is a doctor.He works in a hospital.My mother is a nurse.She works in a

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