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over = 过度的 / 过量的, react = 反应,如: over sleep = 睡过头, over eat = 吃过量

go wrong:出错; 发生故障1,Where (ie At what point) did I go wrong in my calculation?我在计算中什麽地方出了差错?2,She tends to over-react when things go wrong.事情一有差错她往往反应过激.

push the panic button,就是指惊慌失措.用法如:Stay calm; there's no need to hit the panic button. 冷静,无需恐慌.

on celebrity worship Celebrity worship has existed for a long time. In ancient time, people regard the emperor as the son of god and obey everything he said. I think it's a kind of celebrity worship. Celebrity worship nowadays is different obviously.

In our daily life, we are affected by the famous movie stars, popular singers and successful athletes everywhere. These images appear on the package of products, billboards and TV commercial ads, in a word, we contact with the celebrities all the


难道不是很OK的意思吗?? 事情还是象好的一面想比较好. 就象SB可以= SUPER BEAUTY 或SUPER BOY~

coat, soul, food, cool, good fill, ice, ink, sing, interesting

go wrong,走错路, (机器等)发生故障. there is some noise. the machine must go wrong. i think we go wrong. we are lost.

oversleep睡过头,动词 overweight太肥胖的 overall总的,全部的,大体上 overcharge索价过高 overcoat大衣 overcome克服,动词 overhead头顶上的 overlook忽略 overseas在海外的,在国外的 overwork过度工作,动.工作过度,名 self-centred自我中心的,自私的 self-confidence自信,名 self-control自制,名 self-interest私利,名 selfish自私的 self-respect自尊,自尊心,名 self-service自助式的 这些都是最常用的词

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