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some time(一段时间)不同于some times(几次) / sometime (某个时间)/ sometimes(有时候)它一般由for来引导.例如:”I will stay at home for some time next week.“”下周我将会在家待一段时间.“【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

1.Some times I feel very lone.2.At my spare time,Some times I dress nice , and go to disco with some frieds.3.I often go to shopping with some close friends, but some times, I rather like stay at home to sleep than go out.

I went the wrong direction at the cross for some times last year.去年在这个路口多次走错 或I've made the wrong direction at the cross . . .since I came here. This pen is some times the price of than that one. 几倍的价格

1)some time是名词短语,它的意思是“一段时间”.She's been ailing for some time.她身体不适已有一段时间了It took me some time to digest what I had heard.我花了一些时

Sometimes she bitched her husband.有时她抱怨她丈夫.Sometimes she recorded in the afternoon.有时她在下午录音.I differed with my partner sometimes,but we usually agree.我有时与我的伙伴争论,但我们通常是一致的.

We sometimes take a break from work and go for a vacation to release stress.我们有时候为了解除压力就请假去度假.

sometime 有时加s,某时不加s,分开一段时间,times次数 some times 数次

These ideas have been in circulation for some time.(一段时间) 这些想法已经流行了一段时间. Let's get together sometime.(表示将来过去的某个时间) 有时间我们聚一下吧.

1She comes to visit us sometimes. 她有时来访问我们. 2I met him sometime last month. 我在上个月的某个时候碰见过他. 3 This meat takes some time to brown properly when cooking. 这种肉要花点时间才能煮成恰到好处的褐色 4My uncle has been to London some times. 我叔叔已经去伦敦好几次了

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