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I'm suffering from the patient of study. 我正遭受着学习的痛苦..

The pronunciation of Chinese is difficult for foreigners.汉语发音对外国人来说太难了.

suffer from 遭受 造句:the river is suffering from the pollution from the factories.翻译:小河正在遭受工厂的污染

你好!I suffer from memory loss. 我受到了失忆的折磨.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

1野心She has no personal ambition2向…鼓掌表示赞赏(或欢迎),赞许The audience applauded at the end of the opera.3有利的,有益的Vitamins are beneficial to our health.4背叛They offered me money if I would betray my friends.5无常的,易

i am surprising我感到惊奇

suffer vt. 忍受;遭受;经历 vi. 受损害;受痛苦;遭受,忍受;经验 suffer from 忍受,遭受;患…病;受…之苦

带有…气味:he smells of tobacco.他身上带有烟草味.带有某种令人不快的迹象:the plan smells of trickery. 这计划有点欺诈的意味.

1. i am reading 我在读书. 2 it is necessary for you to do homework 你必须得做作业 3.to get up at 7:00 is my habit 七点起初是我的习惯 4. i will return the book to you as soon as i finish it 我一看完书就还你 5. whether you'll success depends on

i like to dress casually,我喜欢穿着随意些. 或者 i like dressing casually,他们意思一样,建议你选择后者.

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