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surgical 英[s:dkl] 美[s:dkl] adj. 外科的,外科手术的;(服装)治疗用的 [例句]carrying one is as much a part of the job as wearing surgical scrubs and plastic gloves.佩戴寻呼机已成为他们工作的一部分,就像穿着外科制服和戴着塑胶手套一样.

手术 同义词:operative.

surgical operation[英][s:dkl prein][美][s:dkl pren]外科手术; 例句:1.He performed a difficult surgical operation. 他做了一个高难度的外科手术.bab.la2.Luo zilin, china's miss universe entrant, after watching a surgical operation in sao paolo 中国环球小姐参赛者罗梓琳在圣保罗观看了一场外科手术之后艾玛张摄

surgery是外科, 外科学, 手术室, 诊疗室等意思.

意思是:练习 实践 后面跟动名词 practice doing sth

surgical strike 英[s:dkl straik] 美[s:dkl strak] [释义] 外科手术式的突袭(指迅速而准确的军事进攻) [网络] 外科手术式打击; 攻击外壳; [例句]The new figures cast doubt on the government's claim to have achieved a surgicalstrike against military targets.新的数字使人们对政府所声称的已经对军事目标实行了外科手术式打击产生了怀疑.如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!


dksurgical scrub [英][skl skr:dl skrb] [医]术前洗消液;s;b][美][ CONCLUSIONS For better quality of surgical hand scrub, more studies are suggested to demonstrate the antimicrobial efficacy of surgical scrub agents and find best methods of applying them. 结论建议加强不同消毒剂消毒效果和最佳使用方法方面的比较研究,以保证外科手消毒质量

surgical blade[英][s:dkl bleid][美][s:dkl bled][医]手术刀片; 例句:1.This machine, equipped with robotic arms and a surgical blade, is guided by a three-dimensional imaging system that can determine in a split second the

orthopedic surgeon[英][:θpi:dk s:dn][美][rθpidk srdn][医]矫形外科医师; 网络整型外科医师; 双语例句1However, due to the difficulty of high surgical risk, and it has been the orthopedic surgeon ' s field of concern.但由于手术难度高、风险大,故一直是矫形外科医生关注的领域.

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