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hundreds of steps lead to the high wall which surrounds the president's palace.-----一般现bai在时duwhile counting the 1084 steps to the fifteen-foot wall which surrounded the president's palace------一般过去时不表示zhi“被dao动语态”专这里的surrounds - - - -和surrounded- - - 都可以换成属surrounding- - - - .


只有:surround surround 英[srand] 美[srand] vt. 包围,围绕; n. (物品的) 边; 外围物; [例句]The small churchyard was surrounded by a rusted wrought-iron fence.不大的教堂墓地周边围着一圈生锈的熟铁栅栏.[其他] 第三人称单数:surrounds 复数:surrounds 现在分词:surrounding过去式:surrounded 过去分词:surrounded形近词: unround subround semiround

electrolytes英['lektrlats]美['lektrlats]n. 电解液,电解质( electrolyte的名词复数 );[例句]Cytoplasm and the extracellular fluid that surrounds cells contain significant amounts of dissolved electrolytes.细胞质和围绕着细胞的细胞外液体含有大量溶解的电解质.

surround 英 [srand] 美 [srand] vt.包围,围绕 n.(物品的)边;外围物 第三人称单数: surrounds 复数: surrounds 现在分词: surrounding 过去式: surrounded 过去分词: surrounded

natural surrounds自然环境】natural surrounds自然环境

be done(过去分词)这个是被动语态,被包围

One Day - MatisYahuSometimes I layUnder the moonAnd thank God I'm breathingThen I prayDon't take me soon'Cause I am here for a reasonSometimes in my tears I drownBut I never let it get me downSo when negativity surroundsI know some


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