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Their school is XXX primary/middle school. It's very beatiful. There are many trees in it. There are many students and teachers in it. All the students and teachers like it very much.

您好:Xiao Ming has many things to do on Sunday.In the morning,he sometimes goes to the Beihai park with his friends by bike.They play games there,such as board games,boating or fishing.Buthe usuallygoes to his school library,reading books or

Our school is very beautiful. There are many trees and flowers here,so the air here is very clean. I can hear birds singing.It's so wonderful.On the playground,you can see the students play basketball.Sometimes our teacher play with us.We feel very

我们的学校-Our School2010-04-28 16:10:56 来源:网络 分享资源 This is our school. At the school gate, you can see the main road in front of you. Coming into the gate, you can see the tall teaching building in the middle of the school. On the two

our school is in the center city .there are six grades and thirty classes in i t . the number of students is more than two thousand .we have two thousand . we have two teaching buildings ,a big library ,and a large playground there many

My School 英语作文My school is at Haimen Town. It is very big and beautiful. There are forty-three classes in it. When you come to our school, you can see the modern teaching building. Our teachers work and do practice in it. Behind the building,

My View on School Education School eduction has played an important role in people's life. When reaching three tears old, the little children will go to kindergarten for a preschool education. And then they will take part in the primary school, middle

Hope School Thanks to the Hope Project r, great changes have taken place in a country school, This school used to be called Lijiazhuang School. Most of its pupils left school because their families were too poor to pay for their education. The only

你好!my school i'm a student of a primary school(我是一所小学的一名学生),i'm in Grade Four(我在四年级),I like my school very much(我非常喜欢我的学校),because my school is very beautiful and very big(因为我的学校非常漂

my school is very beautiful. it is in guicheng, near the qiandeng lake. do you know it? it is nanhai experimental primary school. i like my school very much. there is a big playground in my school. we have p.e. class on the playground and we often play

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