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可以, 注意前面的单复数就行了,is way . are ways .

看看这些例句,有启发吗? 1.As much as I love this President, there'sjust no way it would turn out well. 虽然我很喜欢这个总统,可与总统喝上一杯也决不会有什么好结果。 2.While some of us may know more about this than others, it is...

《Lost Boy》歌手Ruth B 歌词: There was a time when I was alone Nowhere to go and no place to call home My only friend was the man in...


there is no better way to ease students' stress than decreasing homework and increasing holidays.(没有比减轻家庭作业和增加假期更能减轻学生压力的方法。) there is no better way to develop football than to take it into schools a...

sometimes there is no way out except to say goodbye. 有时只有说再见才能得以脱身。 双语对照 例句: 1. There's no easy way to say this. 没有简单的方法来这样说。 2. But to say there is no link to crime more generally looks unduly o...

句意是:你没有办法谋生和照顾所有的孩子。 there is no way 是没有办法的意思 例如:There's no way to describe her,she is unique. 没有办法来描述她,她很独特。 take care of是照顾,照料的意思 例如:He takes care of the children.他照...

这是个主系表结构 there是形式主语 is是系动词 no way是实际主语 to happiness是个修饰语 正常语序应该是no way to happiness is there 希望能帮到你~~

没有什么比例如像【Inverlochy 城堡】这样的静谧的地方品尝威士忌更能体验享受苏格兰传统风情的更好的方式了。 当维多利亚女王在1873年参观拜访【Inverlochy 城堡】的时候,她在日记中写道:“我从未看见过如此美丽的地方。”而且她甚至没有去钓鱼。


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