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be 的一般现在时是am, is are 一般过去时是:was, were/ am, is的过去式是was, are的过去式是were 句中有be动词改成一般疑问句只需要把be动词提前到句首 如:It is Saturday today.过去: It was Friday yeasterday. 一般疑问句:Was it Friday yesterday? Yes, it was./ No, it wasn't They were at the beach last weekend. Were they at the beach last weekend? Yes, they were./ No, they weren't.

提问内bai容很广泛,但是有was在的一般疑问句不du能再有动zhi词,只能出现介词(prep.)或者dao现在分词(回v-ing) 例1:答Was Lisa in Beijing last month?(in是介词) 例2:Was he reading newspapers at ten o'clock?(reading是现在分词)

He was a ganster.He wasn't rich.Was he playing soccer?What was the price of potatoes?They were friends.The boys weren't happy about the outcome.Were they cops or bad guys?Who were these films stars over there?There was an infamous

肯定句:he was the tallest boy in the class. there were a lot of flowers in the garden last week.否定句:i was in beijing yesterday. we were at home an hour ago.一般疑问句:was she your teacher? yes, she was. were they her parents? no, they weren't.ok? 希望能帮到你啊!

were there many people there? 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你

肯定用yes,主语+was 否定用no,主语+wasn't

一般疑问句是用助动词开头,比如am ,is,are,还有do,does,can等等,这类疑问句非常简单,比特殊疑问句简单

Was the weather rainy?

Was your mother at home ? Yes, she was.. No. she wan't. She was at home. Shen wasn't at home. 保证正确率,望采纳如有疑问,请追问

1.It was rainy ,wasn't it? 2.She was there,wasn't she?3.He was playing football,wasn't he?4.There was a car in front of the house ,wasn't it?5.My mother was cooking,wasn't she?写不下.

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