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When do you usually get up 你通常几点起床?When does your father usually go to work 你父亲通常什么时候去上班?When she'll be back depends much on the weather.她何时回来在很大程度上取决于天气.,/; When (we are ) young, we are full

(1) When shall we meet again? (2) When we get there ? (3) When and where to build the new factory is not decided yet. (4) When you go out? (5) When did you go there? (6) When he left the house, I was sitting in the garden. (7) When he arrived


When i metyour 当我遇到你 When i hate you 当我讨厌你 When i love you 当我爱你 when it is rainy 可以吗 When they arrived at the . 当他们到达..的时候


When did you came here?When I was sleeping,you came here.When did you last see Margaret?when I got home,he was watching TV.when I handed up,he was laughing.

when did that happen?when did you graduate from school?when are you leaving for Shanghai ?when will you be free?when did you have your breakfast this morning ?when


1、When do yuo go to school ?意:你什么时候去学校?2、When is yuo birthday ?你什么时候生日?3、When do yuo get up every day ?你每天几点起床? “When ”(疑问副词)什么时候;何时

When 开头的句子是[疑问句], 后必须加[助动词] :be, have, has,do, does,shall, did, will, should, would 等.When is Tara coming? 塔拉甚么时候来?Do you know when she will arrive? 你知道她甚么时候到吗?When did you hear about it? 你甚么时候听到这消息的?

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