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whether you are willing to learn and to work hard ,so who can get more harvest.

whether you come or not, we'll have the meeting as planned.

一般是在宾语从句的动词后面加whether,表示是否.比如I don't know whether he will come.

在网上直接搜就好了 既准确又及时 whether or not you should. 不管你是否应该.Whether or not it rains/Whether it rains or not, we are playing football on Saturday. 无论下不下雨,我们星期六一定踢足球.

1. He mused about whether his proposal would be accepted. 他思忖着他的建议是否会被接纳.2. Think it over and let me know whether you agree with me. 好好考虑一下,然后告诉我你是否同意我的意见.3. Whether we will go there tomorrow

It's doesn't matter whether we like indoor recreation or outdoor sports.对我们来说,选择户外运动或室内运动无关紧要.希望能采纳这个我自己(小学生)想的答案.

This blood test will show whether or not you're immune to the disease 这个血检会显示你是否对这种疾病具有免疫力.You examine a patient and then you decide whether or not to operate. 先为病人作检查,然后再决定是否做手术.

I do not know whether it is this day Spring Festival我不知道春节是否是这一天

Whether you like red or black, we all have here. 无论你是喜欢红色还是黑色,我们这都有.

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