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wound 是什么意思wound 英 [waʊnd]美 [waʊnd] n. 创伤;伤口;伤害 v. 伤;伤害;“wind”的过去式和过去分词 第三

wounds是什么意思,创面翻译wounds 英['wu:ndz] 美['wu:ndz] n. 枪伤,伤处(wound复数) v. 伤害(wound的第三人称单数形式) 例句: The

英语单词wound用法,详细点第三人称单数:wounds 例句与用法:1.The wound is healing fast.伤口愈合得很快。2.The soldier received a serious wound on the

wound是什么意思啊!回答:wound: [ wu:nd ] n. 创伤,伤害,苦痛 v. 伤害,损害,上发条 vbl. 缠绕,蜿蜒,上发条 [ 副词woundedly ] [ 过去式wou

deepest wounds为什么要用woundwound n.伤口;创伤;(武器造成的)伤 In my heart, crying is the deepest wounds, tears are the most cold river.

wound是单数还是复数回答:wound 是单数,加 s 成复数: The soldier suffered from a leg wound.He was still alive with multiple wounds during the

harm hurt wound 的区别?hurt 普通用语,既可指肉体上的伤害,也可精神上,感情上的伤害。 注意:指肉体上的伤害时,hurt可与badly,slightly,

pains aches wounds hurt 的区别?hurt伤害(感情)。普通用词,没有injure正式,常用于口语。多用于有生命的东西 ,常指肉体上的伤害,也可以指精神上的痛苦

Time would heal almost wounds .if your wounds have not你好! Time would heal almost wounds .if your wounds have not been healed up,please wait for a short while .

Wounds heal over time的意思这句话这样理解: Wounds heal. over time ,意思是 随着时间的过去/流逝,这两个单词放在一起,形成了一个约定俗成的

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