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1. different /simple 2. Asian; Italian3. onions; delicious 4. tomatoes5. cook book; interesting

[图文] Young adult filmmakers all hope to show their works in international festivals like Sundance and 18. “What's really exciting is that it's film for kids by kids,” said Cori Gardner, managing


56-60 CBCAC 56. C 细节理解题.由第二段最后一句话和第三段第一句话“…the festival has much in common with events for more experienced moviemakers, except for the age of the participants: about 8 to 18.“What's really exciting is that it

[图文] 18:17 13***77 访问了试题 03/28 16:54 135****6298 查看了答案 03/28 14:29 198****6127 查看了答案 even when they are very young, so I'd better opt for the third session even though the Cultural

Wy是什么意思,是不是we啊?你打错了?那就应该是We need man from 18~25.第二句是like的固定用法like to do或者like doing,那么就是Does her mother like to work with young women?希望理解对了你的意思~~~~


[图文] 18:00- 20:00. Tel: 633800 小题1:Where can you probably find the above ads? A.A newspaper. B.A 12-70 D.Young people 小题3:Volunteers want to get _______ when they help others. A.money B.

18:25 189****3242 查看了答案 03/30 16:07 170****4024 查看了答案 03/30 14:15 匿名用户 查看了答 “save the young teacher regardless of the cost” “If necessary, we will invite more specialists from

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